Apicoectomy (Apical Surgery)

Apicoectomy (Apical Surgery)

Sometimes, a regular root canal therapy may not be sufficient to preserve the tooth’s health. In such cases, an alternative procedure might be required. An apicoectomy procedure can be used to quickly locate small fractures or nearly unnoticeable root canals that a standard X-ray cannot reveal, but yet continues to cause pain within the tooth surface. The procedure can also be used to treat damaged surfaces of the root and the surrounding jawbone as well.

When would one require an apicoectomy procedure?

An apicoectomy procedure or apical surgery is generally advised in situations when a root canal suffers from an internal infection. It often occurs due to an infection that was persistent in the bony area towards the end of the canal. The procedure is ideally advised to relieve the patient from pain or discomfort and revitalize the tooth’s health and functionality.

Here are the key situations when one would require an apicoectomy procedure.

•    Prolonged healing time.

•    Poorly shaped root canals that'd restrict entry into to its curved sections.

•    Misplaced/fractured dental files that may have been left behind during the initial root canal procedure.

How can a patient benefit from an apicoectomy procedure?

An apicoectomy procedure can preserve the tooth's health in several ways. 

•    Removes harmful and infected tissues.

•    Reduces the chances of severe health problems.

•    Relieves a toothache and tooth sensitivity.

•    Reduces the need for an extraction.

•    Provides comfort and improves functionality.

What is involved in an apicoectomy procedure?

A trained endodontist performs an apicoectomy procedure. It involves the removal of the tip of the root that is infected or swollen due to inflammation and then sealing the tooth with a filling to prevent it from developing a further infection. The patient would be administered with local anesthesia to ensure ease and comfort during the procedure. Over the next few months, the bone would naturally heal around the tooth, and full functionality would be restored.

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