Root Canal Retreatment

Root Canal Retreatment

The primary goal of a root canal therapy is to eliminate infected tissues from the root canal of the tooth. The dental pulp is present at the core of the tooth structure. It composes of several connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerve endings. An endodontist carefully analyses the tooth before deciding whether or not it requires a root canal therapy. When it comes to the procedure, a small hole is made on the tooth and the infected pulp will be removed from the tooth. Next, the walls of the cavity will be scrubbed to get rid of the microbes and other debris. It will be sealed off using a filling material and finally restored using a dental crown.

A root canal retreatment procedure involves retreating the tooth after it has undergone a root canal therapy. There are certain situations when a root canal therapy may cause certain complications. It can either be the inability to heal after a procedure, irritation or even swelling. In such cases, dentists would recommend that the patient undergoes a root canal retreatment procedure. 

What does a root canal retreatment procedure involve?

During a root canal retreatment procedure, the dentist would remove the old restoration, cleanse the pulp chamber and replace it with another restoration. The root canal retreatment procedure involves the same procedure as that of a root canal procedure.

The advantage of a root canal retreatment procedure is that it eliminates the need to perform an extraction. It also ensures that the base of the tooth is stable and healthy.

When would a root canal retreatment procedure be required?

Dentists suggest that a root canal retreatment procedure is required in instances when the initial root canal procedure did not serve its purpose. Some of the typical cases for its failure are when the filling material is incorrectly placed, signs of leakage or when curved portions of the root canal were left untreated.

A root canal retreatment procedure is simple, convenient, and preserves the health and stability of the tooth, thereby preventing the need for an extraction.

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